Open for bottle sales only.


Bring your family and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and soothing setting.  

It's been proven that a couple of hours a week in nature makes you live longer (and we all know that good whiskey makes you happy). 

We're open Saturday afternoons. 


Relax with friends and family in our heated Tasting Tent or around the fire pit with a cocktail or flight of our ultra premium spirits, served in genuine Wee Glen Cairn glasses imported from Scotland.


 Take a farm tour!  Meet a Kentucky Derby winning stallion and visit the grave of Ewing Young, located under the magnificent Ewing Young Heritage Oak.

Visitor Information


Open by Appointment.

Visits and Tours are by appointment. 


For the safety of all visitors and animals, and to respect the privacy of the vets, their clients, and farm residents,

Distillery visitors must stay in the Distillery area unless on a guided tour.

1.  YES, we are kid- and dog- friendly!  

We love kids and dogs and both are welcome and must be supervised by someone 21+. 

2.  We're open by appointment.   We welcome visitors in our tasting tent.  

Dress like you will be outdoors, but under cover.

3.  Drive SLOWLY!

Go straight down the long entry driveway until it turns to gravel and turn right at the blue hay barn.  

We are all the way at the end of the long red building.

Horses, people, horse trailers, farm vehicles, and tractors have the right-of-way.

Please do not park in front of (and block access to) the blue hay barn.

Drive SLOWLY when you leave, too! Thank you.

4.  Complimentary tours with Purchase.  Wear your walking shoes!   

Please call ahead to schedule a Tour: 503-799-6667.  

Kids are free but must be accompanied by an adult over 21. 

5.  Tours are taken at your own risk.

It's a working country farm!  Wear sturdy shoes that can get dirty and watch your step.

The ground is uneven, there are yellow jackets and mosquitoes at times, and it is muddy in spots.

Horses may bite.  DO NOT TOUCH THE STALLIONS.  They definitely bite.

Bug spray is advisable beginning at dusk.  

Dogs must be on leash on the tour.


6.  Please stay in the distillery area unless accompanied by a guide.   

The distillery area is marked by the "No alcohol allowed beyond this point" signs.

Well-behaved dogs who always come when called may be let off-leash to frolic on our lawn immediately outside the tasting tent.  

Thanks for your cooperation.  The farm residents and the vet practice and their customers appreciate it.  As do we.

7.  Be forewarned, if your dog loves water, s/he will probably want a dip in the pond (ours always do).  Might want to bring a towel. 

And, of course, scoop their poop.  We have poop bags.  And dog treats.  

8.   As a farm-based distillery, we are not allowed to have a kitchen to serve real food. 

You are welcome to bring your own food and eat it in the Tasting area.  

We've had good experiences with Abby's Pizza, which delivers to the farm: 503-538-3800.


9.  We love groups!  Call to arrange a day and time: 503-799-6667.  

More information on our Private Events page.

10.  The Ewing Young Distillery Tasting Tent and patio are wheelchair- and walker-friendly.   

Some of the tour areas are not readily accessible (under the tree, for example).

Handicap parking is available.   You can drive right up to the tasting tent.

11.  By law, all horse properties are "enter at your own risk" because horses are big, strong, fast, and at times, unpredictable.  

Sometimes animals bite, sometimes they kick.  

Don't try to pet the stallions or stick your fingers through fences and don't stand behind horses.

It happens rarely, but horses can get spooked and run lose.  

Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.  

12.  Ewing Young Distillery shares Ewing Young Farm™ with a private residence and Oakhurst Equine

a busy equine vet practice and breeding and training facility.

For the safety of all visitors and animals, and to respect the privacy of the residents, 

Distillery visitors must stay in the Distillery area unless on a guided tour.

When on a tour, please leash your dog and stay with your host.  

If your dog is prone to barking, please leave them in your car.

Check out our Instagram feed @ewingyoungdistillery and Facebook page for updates:


Enjoy award-winning Bourbon, Rye, Vodka, and Single Malt Whiskey. And our newest, Gin!


Enjoy the sites, sounds, and, yes, smells of a working animal farm.


We appreciate it so much when our customers leave us a nice review!   

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About Us

Ewing Young Distillery™ is a family-owned Oregon distillery located in the heart of Oregon wine country at Ewing Young Farm™,  just 28 miles southwest of Portland, Oregon. and 5 miles west of downtown Newberg. 

Ewing Young Farm is a working thoroughbred farm that charms visitors with the natural beauty of its horses, barns, trees, pastures, roadways, and ponds.  Another family business, Oakhurst Equine Veterinary Services, has operated on the Farm since 1996 and is well-known among horse breeders, owners, and enthusiasts.  

We named our distillery for Ewing Young, Oregon's first distiller and the pioneer 

buried at the Farm under the Ewing Young Oregon Heritage Oak. 

Ewing Young truly is a larger-than-life figure of the American West. 

Read more about him in “Learn About the Remarkable Adventurous Life of Ewing Young.”     

Due to significant growth in Oakhurst’s business at the Farm, we have changed from our original plan to locate in the Oakhurst stallion barn.  We plan to expand our operation in the long barn where the distillery is currently located.  

In the meantime, we are open by appointment in our open air Tasting Tent right next to the Distillery, 

where you can taste and purchase Ewing Young spirits, check out the distillery, and enjoy the Farm’s scenery, especially the pond and the magnificent Ewing Young Oak™, an Oregon Heritage Tree. 

Ewing Young is a Federally-registered trademark.

The Ewing Young Distillery Tasting Tent Is Open by Appointment

Look for our yellow sign on Highway 240.   

Please go slowly and give the right-of-way to horse trailers when driving onto the Farm.

Ewing Young Distillery

18715 NE Highway 240, Newberg, Oregon

503-799-6667 No smoking or vaping is allowed on Ewing Young Farm. Ewing Young Distillery is a wheelchair- and walker-friendly facility.