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kick off wine tasting season with a whiskey stop

Join Stuart MacLean Ramsay for two special tastings at 2 pm and 4 pm on Saturday, May 25th

Stuart MacLean Ramsay knows his whiskey and is coming to Ewing Young Distillery to share his knowledge with us. On Saturday, May 25th he is bringing a Speyside single malt, a smoky Islay single malt , and a Kentucky Bourbon, and will be sampling those along with one of our own Ewing Young whiskeys, as well as talking about the history of whiskey.  Stuart is always informative and entertaining!  His bio can be found here:   https://www.ramsaysdram.com/about   

We'll be doing farm tours in between and after the tastings.  Our regular flights, cocktail, and food will be available as well.  Stuart will be here all day for informal discussion.

As always, we are kid and dog-friendly.  

Join us this coming Saturday!  


Our Spirits

Our spirits are incredibly smooth and sippable.  Idaho Russet Potato Vodka is the perfect martini vodka--smooth and silky, with a gentle, neutral flavor to compliment, not overpower your cocktail.  Ewing Young Distillery's brown spirits are individually selected, blended, and finished from our own barrel inventory.  Our Rye Mash Whiskey, Barley & Caramel Malt Whiskey, and Oregon Heritage Oak Bourbon are high proof--they stand up to ice so that you can enjoy them on the rocks without them becoming watered-down.   We spent a lot of time and effort to finish our spirits to perfection and we are confident you will enjoy them as much as we do.  

The Provenance of Our Spirits

Find out more

mini Martini cocktails this weekend - $7

Brown Derby ~ Mint Julep ~ Lemon Fig Martini~ Blush Lily


For the purists, we have a four-spirit flight with Russet Potato Vodka, Rye Mash Whiskey, Barley & Caramel Malt Whiskey, and Oak Bourbon, served in our genuine Scottish Wee Glen Cairn whiskey glasses.  Many people start by sharing a flight with a friend, then they get a cocktail.  Individual spirit tastes are also available.


We serve complimentary pretzels to our Flight tasting guests, and have GF pretzels on hand if you are avoiding gluten.  We won't cross-contaminate them, either.

We love to host groups and private parties

No facility fee with minimum purchase. Just give us a call at 503-799-6667.


Ewing Young Farm Tours: Experience History and Meet a Kentucky Derby-winning stallion (or two)


Call ahead (503-799-6667) to enjoy a Farm Tour!  

Ewing Young is buried about 200 yards from 

the distillery and his grave is an important historical site.  

TWO Kentucky Derby champions-- Grindstone (1996) and Giacomo (2005)

--stand at stud at the farm.  These equine celebrities are used to paparazzi, so go ahead and snap a selfie with them.  But watch out, sometimes they bite.

Kids and Dogs Are Welcome!


Along with farm animals to see, we have coloring supplies and doggie clean up bags on hand.  Wear your boots, dress warmly, and be ready for farm sights and smells!  Kids must be accompanied by adults and furbabies must be on leash for the tour.  

Bring some carrots to feed the horses and goats.  Just don't confuse the animals by sticking your carrot-like fingers through the fence!

Note--during during foaling season, dogs cannot go on the tour.  Sorry.

slow down and relax: spend an hour or two with us


Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.


Enjoy a flight of our ultra premium spirits, served in genuine 

Wee Glen Cairn glasses imported from Scotland.


 As an Oregon Distillery, we're proud that our spirits are

served at many of Oregon's top bars and restaurants.

it's foaling and baby pig season at ewing young farm


Check the pasture on the right after you pass through the gate--that's the mama and baby pasture.  The stallions are on the left. 

They're stinky but so cute


Sorry, no dogs on the tour during foaling season. They are still welcome at the tasting patio!


Our Spirits

A beautiful and balanced Bourbon from 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% barley.



Slightly less charred than many bourbons, 

but still rich with oak.   Pleasantly sweet, well-

rounded, rye-forward sipping bourbon.

Nose: Butterscotch, pepper, caramelcorn.

Palate: Oak, caramel, brown sugar, butter, 

leather, tobacco, hint of pepper.

Finish: Caramel butter.

95% Rye for Rye Lovers and those who don't (yet) know they like Rye.


Approachable, more subtle, and 

less oaked than most ryes with complex 

flavors and aromas to please the most 

discerning rye aficionados. 

Nose: Pepper, tropical fruit, taffy 

Palate: Subtle pepper, herbal, banana, 

camphor, rosemary.

Finish: Clean, no harsh aftertaste.

100% American Single Malt--our limited edition treasure.


Our limited edition American single malt

is our most nuanced and complex spirit. 

It is made from sprouted barley, 

of which 15% is caramelized,

and is not smoked or peated.

Nose: Earth, grass, hint of caramel.

Palate: Cinnamon, butter, vanilla, oak, and honey.

Finish: Baking spice and sweet caramel.

Unbelievably smooth and silky 100% Russet Potato Vodka


COMING 2019: Rye with a whisper of natural local Hazelnut


COMING 2019: A delicious Western-style gin.


About our spirits

Metaphysics in a Bottle™


We celebrate our namesake, Ewing Young--his travels and towering accomplishments--by finding and sourcing the very best spirits from storied Distilleries along his trails and travel routes. We finish these spirits with additional aging and artful blending, and you will discover that Metaphysics in a Bottle™ and our "Born In," "Finished In" designation for each spirit have real meaning. 

Our initial spirits were selected from among more than 200 we sampled as we searched along Ewing Young's trails for the best of the best.  For two years we visited distilleries, interviewed distillers, investigated the quality of their processes and raw materials, and sampled their products.   It was a wonderful marriage of our passions--road trips, spirits, and Ewing Young's history!  In 2017 we chose four spirits for our initial offerings and had the barrels delivered to us at Ewing Young Farm. Then we set about making each spirit uniquely our own. 

Our first whiskeys were barreled in 2014 and 2015 and we continued aging them at Ewing Young Distillery.  We finished them with Oregon and French Oak and trickle proofed them over several weeks. We sampled, selected and blended individual barrels for each bottling, and let the spirits speak to our taste buds when settling on their final proof.  We age, blend, finish, and bottle all our spirits at Ewing Young Distillery—bottling is always a happy and satisfying day for everyone involved. 

These initial offerings are the culmination of years of painstaking—and enjoyable—research, testing, experimentation, and hard work.  We are thrilled with the results! The feedback we’ve gotten from aficionados, mixologists, bartenders, liquor store owners, spirit judges, and our customers has been both exhilarating and gratifying. 

We set a high bar for our products and are excited to continue finding, developing, and offering superior distilled spirits from along Ewing Young's trails and sharing the American Pioneer stories behind them.

We began distilling our own spirits shortly after we opened to the public and look forward to offering our first self-distilled products in 2019. We are actively working to bring more delicious, interesting, unique, and high-quality spirits from along Ewing Young’s travel routes.  

It all comes together to create Metaphysics in a Bottle™ at Ewing Young Distillery.  

Sip and sense history.

Visitor Information

Open Weekends.



1.  The sides are off the Ewing Young Distillery Tasting Tent.  We're open

Saturdays and Sundays Noon to 6 PM. But, it's still a tent, so dress like you will be outdoors.

2.  Drive SLOWLY straight down the long entry driveway until it turns to gravel, and 

turn right at the blue hay barn.  We are all the way at the end of the long red building.

Horse trailers and tractors have the right-of-way.  Do not block the blue hay barn.

3.  Complimentary tours with Purchase.  Wear your boots!   

Please call ahead to schedule a Tour: 503-799-6667.  

Kids are free but must be accompanied by an adult over 21. 

4.  The ground can be uneven, there are yellow jackets and mosquitos at times, it is muddy in spots, 

and horses may bite.  It's a working country farm!  Wear boots and watch your step.

Tours are taken at your own risk.  Dogs must be on leash on the tour.  

But, no dogs on the tour during foaling season.  (They can upset the baby horses and mamas.)


5.  We love kids and dogs and both are welcome and must be supervised by someone 21+.  

6.  Well-behaved dogs who always come when called may be let off-leash 

to frolic on our lawn immediately outside the tasting tent.  

You and your dog (and kids) can walk halfway down the left side of the pond.

Kids and Dogs must not be allowed to wander past the halfway point on the 

left side of the pond, anywhere on the right side of the pond, 

or around the residence, farm animals, or barns.  Thanks for your cooperation.

7.  Be forewarned, if your dog loves water, s/he will probably want 

a dip in the pond (ours always do).  Might want to bring a towel! 

And, of course, scoop their poop.  We have poop bags.  And dog treats.  

8.  Did we mention, we love dogs?

9.  You are welcome to bring food (but please leave the beverages to us).  

(For a casual meal, we've had good experiences with Abby's Pizza, which delivers to the farm (503) 538-3800.)

As a farm-based distillery, we are not allowed to have a kitchen to serve real food.  

10.  We love groups!  Call to arrange a day and time: 503-799-6667.  

Weekdays and weeknights are available, in addition to after 6 PM on weekends.  

11.  The Ewing Young Distillery Tasting Tent and patio are wheelchair- and walker-friendly.   

Some of the tour areas are not readily accessible (under the tree, for example).

Handicap parking available.  

12.  By law, all horse properties are "enter at your own risk" because horses are big, strong, fast, 

and at times, unpredictable.  Sometimes animals bite, sometimes they kick.  

Don't stick your fingers through fences and don't stand behind horses.

It happens rarely, but horses can get spooked and run lose.  

Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.  

13.  Ewing Young Distillery shares Ewing Young Farm™ with a private residence and

Oakhurst Equine, a busy equine vet practice and breeding and training facility.

For the safety of all visitors and animals, and to respect the privacy of the residents,

Distillery visitors must stay in the Distillery area unless on a guided tour.  

When on a tour, please leash your dog and stay with your host.

Check out our Instagram feed @ewingyoungdistillery and Facebook page for updates:  https://www.facebook.com/EwingYoungDistillery

LEARN ABOUT the remarkable and adventurous life of ewing young

Enjoy award-winning Bourbon, Rye, Vodka, and Single Malt Whiskey.


Visit the grave of Ewing Young and learn why he inspired us to start a distillery!


Ewing Young Distillery Public Tastings and Events

Public Tastings & Events

Friday, April 26

10th Ave Liquor Public tasting

4pm - 7pm

925 SW 10th Ave, Portland

+ Event Details

Friday, April 26

10th Ave Liquor Public tasting

4pm - 7pm

925 SW 10th Ave, Portland

Friday, April 26

Canby Liquor Public Tasting

4pm - 7pm


+ Event Details

Friday, April 26

Canby Liquor Public Tasting

4pm - 7pm


Saturday, April 27

Damascus Liquor Public Tasting

3pm - 6pm


+ Event Details

Saturday, April 27

Damascus Liquor Public Tasting

3pm - 6pm


Saturday, April 27

Barbur Blvd Liquor Public Tasting

3pm - 6pm

Barbur Blvd Liquor

+ Event Details

Saturday, April 27

Barbur Blvd Liquor Public Tasting

3pm - 6pm

Barbur Blvd Liquor

Sunday, April 28

Salem Liquor Outlet

3pm - 6pm

5107 Commercial St SE, Salem

+ Event Details

Sunday, April 28

Salem Liquor Outlet

3pm - 6pm

5107 Commercial St SE, Salem

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About Ewing Young

The Remarkable and Adventurous Life of Ewing Young


Ewing Young is an important American pioneer who is buried at Ewing Young Farm, where the Ewing Young Distillery is located. 

About 125 yards away from the Distillery stands the magnificent Ewing Young Oak, an Oregon Heritage Tree planted in 1846, that marks Ewing’s grave site. The tree and grave are wholly contained on the 147-acre Farm property, which is the epicenter of the 50 square miles Ewing Young claimed as his own back in 1834.  Ewing's burial site and tree were so honored because he is an important figure not only in the history of Oregon but also the westward expansion of the United States.

Ewing Young’s remarkable—and little known—true life story inspired us to create a distillery at the Farm.  Establishing a Distillery named for Ewing Young at his final resting place, in the heart of his original land claim, is a natural tribute to his saga. 

Of Scots-Irish lineage, Ewing Young was born during the 1790s to American revolutionaries.  He left his Tennessee home at age 14 to apprentice as a carpenter. Ewing's adventurous nature eventually led him to fur trapping and trailblazing—including the Santa Fe Trail—in the wild Southwest, where he was among the first Americans to arrive via wagon train in 1822. He settled in Taos for several years and married María Josefa Tafoya, the daughter of a prominent Mexican family. 

Ewing’s physical stature and strength, intelligence, courage, forceful personality, and entrepreneurial abilities made him an imposing leader everywhere he went. Ewing Young became known to the Mexicans as “El Impresario” and to the Americans as “The Captain.”  (He also answered to Joaquin, because Ewing was difficult for some to pronounce.)   His daring, courage, and audacious nature are the source of several fascinating stories from this period.

After the bottom fell out of the fur trade, Ewing Young left Taos and decided to explore the unsettled Oregon Country he had heard about. He arrived in Oregon in 1834 with about 40 horses and staked his 50 square mile claim in the Chehalem Valley between the Red Hills of Dundee and the Chehalem Mountains,  the epicenter (and small portion) of which is the present-day Ewing Young Farm. 

Ewing Young established the westernmost farm in the wild Oregon Country. An enterprising man, Ewing eventually established the area’s first grist mill, saw mill, trading post, and even a bank that loaned money to American settlers. And, he established the first distillery in the Oregon Country.

When Ewing arrived in the Oregon Country, the area and trade were controlled by Great Britain through its Hudson’s Bay Company (“HBC”) agent and Fort Vancouver Chief Factor, John McLoughlin. There was no love lost between John McLoughlin and Ewing Young. McLoughlin refused to trade with Ewing, and hoping to stem the tide of American migration, McLoughlin would trade with but not sell livestock to the handful of American settlers in the Oregon Country. Ewing and his men managed to survive and prosper without help from the HBC and were the only area settlers who were wholly independent of the British. 

In 1836, to the chagrin of McLoughlin and the nearby Methodist Mission, Ewing Young began distilling "ardent spirits," also known as white lightening or unaged whiskey. By 1837, McLoughlin and local temperance society devotees had put an end to Ewing’s distillation enterprise by offering him a large sum of money to cease his spirits production. In a letter to the HBC, Young agreed to “cease the production of ardent spirits…for the present” and reserved the right to begin distilling again at any time. 

More than 180 years later, we are fulfilling Ewing Young's—and our—distillery dream.

Ewing accepted the money, and as head of the newly-formed Willamette Cattle Company™, left for the Mexican province of Alta California (present-day Monterey and San Jose) to buy cattle. Back in the Oregon Country, they thought they’d seen the last of Ewing Young. 

Months later, Ewing shocked everyone when he returned to the lush Chehalem Valley along with more than 600 head of Mexican longhorn cattle he had driven through the rugged terrain of the areas now known as Northern California and Southern Oregon. Ewing’s 1837 cattle drive was the first documented in North America and was featured on the front page of the New York Times.

With this audacious masterstroke, Ewing Young helped break the Hudson’s Bay Company’s stranglehold over American pioneers in the Oregon Country. Ewing was happy to breed cattle and sell the American pioneers all they needed. The trickle of Americans coming to Oregon soon turned into the flood of American westward migration on the Oregon Trail.

The rest is history. 

As we like to say at Ewing Young Distillery, Ewing Young helped take The Oregon Country from Great Britain without firing a shot—he did it by pouring a shot.™

Ewing Young was never content with the status quo, and he led an adventurous life. He was a carpenter, farmer, fur trapper, Sante Fe Trail blazer, cattleman, and all-around American maverick, eventually becoming the wealthiest man in the Oregon Territory.


When Ewing Young died in 1841, the need to probate his estate led directly to the formation of Oregon’s first provisional government. The official history of the State of Oregon, Volume 1, page 1, starts at the funeral of Ewing Young, held where the splendid 172-year old Ewing Young Oak continues to flourish at the current-day Farm. 

We are eager to share more stories of this man who accomplished so much in his brief life—he died at 41 (or was it 45? or 51?--conflicting information exists)—and we plan to do so, along with other noteworthy but little-known American Pioneers, in the Distillery’s tasting room.  

We look forward to welcoming you to Ewing Young Distillery. 

Ewing Young is a Federally-registered trademark.

Artist’s depiction of Ewing Young by Alfredo Rodriguez – no known images exist.  Licensed to American Pioneer Spirits at Ewing Young Farm LLC by the artist.  

Image Copyright 2018 American Pioneer Spirits at Ewing Young Farm LLC

About Us

Ewing Young Distillery™ is a family-owned Oregon distillery located in the heart of Oregon wine country at 

Ewing Young Farm™,  just 28 miles southwest of Portland, Oregon. and 5 miles west of downtown Newberg. 

Ewing Young Farm is a working thoroughbred farm that charms visitors with the natural beauty of its horses, 

barns, trees, pastures, roadways, and ponds.  Another family business, Oakhurst Equine Veterinary Services

has operated on the Farm since 1996 and is well-known among horse breeders, owners, and enthusiasts.  

We named our distillery for Ewing Young, Oregon's first distiller and the pioneer 

buried at the Farm under the Ewing Young Oregon Heritage Oak. 

Ewing Young truly is a larger-than-life figure of the American West. 

Read more about him in “Learn About the Remarkable Adventurous Life of Ewing Young.”     

Due to significant growth in Oakhurst’s business at the Farm, we have changed from our original plan to locate in the 

Oakhurst stallion barn.  We plan to expand our operation in the long barn where the distillery is currently located.  

In the meantime, we are open for business in our heated Tasting Tent right next to the Distillery, 

where you can taste and purchase Ewing Young spirits, check out the distillery, and enjoy the Farm’s scenery, 

especially the pond and the magnificent Ewing Young Oak™, an Oregon Heritage Tree. 

Ewing Young is a Federally-registered trademark.

The Ewing Young Distillery Tasting Tent Is Open

Look for our yellow sign on Highway 240.   

Please go slowly and give the right-of-way to horse trailers when driving on the Farm.

Ewing Young Distillery

18715 NE Highway 240, Newberg, Oregon

503-799-6667 info@ewingyoungdistillery.com No smoking or vaping is allowed on Ewing Young Farm. Ewing Young Distillery is a wheelchair- and walker-friendly facility.