Where to Buy

Our spirits are available for purchase by the bottle at our distillery, and also at a growing number of OLCC Liquor stores.  Click on the link below to be connected to the OLCC's handy search tool.  

Just type in "Ewing Young" to get a list of our spirits, then click on the spirit you want.  

Note: the price is the same regardless of where you buy it. 


Our Spirits

We have gone to great lengths to make our spirits 

incredibly smooth and sippable.  


Mianda's Oregon Summer Gin is so good you may want to sip it on the rocks.  Amazingly fresh and fragrant.  Batch #1 sold out quickly and Batch #2 is almost ready to go.

Idaho Russet Potato Vodka is the perfect martini vodka--smooth and silky, with a gentle,  neutral flavor to compliment, not overpower your cocktail.  

Ewing Young Distillery's brown spirits are individually selected, blended, and finished from our own barrel inventory.  Our newest is our five-year-old Cask Strength Bourbon at 114.8 proof and it is really, really delicious.  Our Rye Mash Whiskey (92.3 proof), Barley & Caramel Malt Whiskey (99.5 proof), and Oregon Heritage Oak Bourbon (94.7 proof) are higher proof than your average whiskey so that you can enjoy them on the rocks without them becoming watered-down.   

We spent a lot of time and effort to finish our spirits to perfection and we are confident you will enjoy them as much as we do.  

Metaphysics in a Bottle™


We celebrate our namesake, Ewing Young--his travels and towering accomplishments--by finding and sourcing the very best spirits from storied Distilleries along his trails and travel routes. We finish these spirits with additional aging and artful blending, and you will discover that Metaphysics in a Bottle™ and our "Born In," "Finished In" designation for each spirit have real meaning. 

Our initial spirits were selected from among more than 200 we sampled as we searched along Ewing Young's trails for the best of the best.  For two years we visited distilleries, interviewed distillers, investigated the quality of their processes and raw materials, and sampled their products.   It was a wonderful marriage of our passions--road trips, spirits, and Ewing Young's history!  In 2017 we chose four spirits for our initial offerings and had the barrels delivered to us at Ewing Young Farm. Then we set about making each spirit uniquely our own. 

Our first whiskeys were barreled in 2014 and 2015 and we continue to age them at Ewing Young Distillery.  We may finish them with Oregon or French Oak, but they are all trickle-proofed over several weeks.  You can really taste the difference when you add water very, very slowly--which is why we trickle-proof our brown spirits.  

We sample, select, and blend individual barrels for each bottling, and let the spirits speak to our taste buds when settling on their final proof.  We age, blend, finish, and bottle all our spirits at Ewing Young Distillery—bottling is always a happy and satisfying day for everyone involved. 

These spirits are the culmination of years of painstaking—and enjoyable—research, testing, experimentation, and hard work.  We are thrilled with the results! The feedback we’ve gotten from aficionados, mixologists, bartenders, liquor store owners, spirit judges, and our customers has been both exhilarating and gratifying. 

We set a high bar for our products and are excited to continue finding, developing, and offering superior distilled spirits from along Ewing Young's trails and sharing the American Pioneer stories behind them.

We began distilling our own spirits shortly after we opened to the public and are proud to offer our first self-distilled product, Mianda's Oregon Summer Gin, in 2019. And, we are actively working to bring more delicious, interesting, unique, and high-quality spirits from along Ewing Young’s travel routes.  

It all comes together to create Metaphysics in a Bottle™ at Ewing Young Distillery.  

Sip and sense history.